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Why Consider Professional Service over DIY Concrete Sealing

Sealing concrete isn’t as simple as pressure cleaning it and spraying a sealer down. There are dozens of factors that come into play on every single job which will be dependent on application time, method, saturation requirement, and if it can be done at that moment during the concrete sealing… Read More

Nano Sealer for Concrete Sealing: What is the Difference?

Whether the surface in question is concrete, pavers, stone, or many other options, Nano Sealer can provide a hydrophobic layer that will reduce the growth of mold and mildew for years! This type of sealer is both cost-efficient and practically worth your while especially if you are looking into long-term… Read More

Pinellas County

Pinellas County. We Service Pinellas County with our self-contained Wrapped Trucks for all your Brick Paver, Restoration, Concrete Sealing, Travertine Sealing, Shellock Sealing, Softwashing, and More. Pinellas County is the seventh-largest county in Florida by population and the second-smallest county by geographical area. It… Read More

Brick Paver Sealing: 6 Reasons Why You Need It

Brick Pavers in Tampa Bay & Central Florida are incredibly vulnerable to the harsh Florida sun. If your pavers are beginning to look worn, faded, sun-bleached, and dull, professional paver cleaning and sealing will naturally renew the color of the surface. This process will also provide a protective barrier from… Read More

Concrete Sealing: Why You Need It Today

Among the most commonly used medium for pavement installation is concrete. Besides being easy to install, concrete is also easy to manipulate depending on the design that an owner wants. Pavers’ contractors have had the experience of creating exceptional designs for concrete pavements upon request of the client. However, poured… Read More

Brick Paver Maintenance Plans

Brick Pavers, Travertine, Stone, Landscape, Shelloc & More *Prepaid Plan with a Discount on all your future services, not just Paver Sealing. Pay As you go, which will be a percentage based on the original amount. Proper Maintenance Well, it’s no secret that everything lasts longer and looks better… Read More

Shellock Pavement: Why You Need To Seal Them Today

Shellock pavements are more than just functional. They are also an elegant addition to the pavements around your pools or other special areas at home. Whether you put your shellock pavement in a pathway or around your pool, you ought to consider sealing it for the sake of maintaining this… Read More