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Pinellas County

Pinellas County. We are preparing to expand into Pinellas County in July of 2023 with our self-contained Wrapped Truck for all your Brick Paver, Restoration, Concrete Sealing, Travertine Sealing, Shellock Sealing, Softwashing, and More. Pinellas County is the seventh-largest county in Florida by population and… Read More

Brick Paver Maintenance Plans

Brick Pavers, Travertine, Stone, Landscape, Shelloc & More *Prepaid Plan with a Discount on all your future services, not just Paver Sealing. Pay As you go, which will be a percentage based on the original amount. Proper Maintenance Well, it’s no secret that everything lasts longer and looks better… Read More

How to Know When Your Pavers Need to be Cleaned & Sealed

Remember how great your paving looked when you first had it installed? Was it clean, smooth, and weed free? Sadly they don’t stay that way forever and, over time, can become dirty, faded, and weeds creep in. That is if you don’t know when your pavers need to be cleaned… Read More

What to Ask a Paver Restoration Company before you hire them

When planning any project on your home that requires a professional, it can be tricky to ensure you get what you expect. From hidden costs to uninsured contractors, plenty can go wrong when hiring a paver restoration company. That is if you don’t know what to ask them beforehand. Today… Read More

Special Ordered Sand Colors

*Optional Premium Sand colors at a small additional cost are available if you request them when scheduling your home; otherwise, our standard light in-color silica sand blends best with pavers & is effective for help in preventing grass and bugs. It works in all paver applications and can be used… Read More

Travertine Sealing pool deck

Hiring a Paver Sealing Service in Florida

 Paver Sealing service We clean, restore and seal a multitude of properties. Brick Paver Sealing, Shellock Sealing, Concrete Sealing, Travertine Sealing, Soft Washing  & Coatings We drive, park, cook, play, and relax on these, and so often taken for granted are these areas of our homes and businesses. However, the… Read More

Should you seal your Concrete?  

 Concrete Sealing Should you seal your Concrete? The clear answer is Most Definitely!  If great-looking mildew and mold-resistant concrete sound good to you, Our Penetrating Sealer is a product that deserves your serious attention. With a Guarantee to keep water out of your concrete surfaces, you can… Read More

What is efflorescence in brick pavers?

There is a chance that after a few weeks or months pass, a white haze may appear on the surface of the pavers. This is known as efflorescence. It may appear randomly or in certain areas and be more pronounced on dark-colored pavers. The white haze may give the… Read More