Beautify Your Outdoor Living Space with Permanent Color Enhancement for Brick Pavers

By Kyle May 19, 2023

Brick pavers certainly provide a more aesthetically pleasing feature in any outdoor space. Besides giving you better pavement, bricks present natural features that make every color particularly stand out because of the natural texture of the pavement. 

However, there are particular downsides to having bricks as pavers: 

One: Bricks are Like Sponge 

There are spaces and distances between the particles that are put together to create one brick. These spaces make the bricks vulnerable to different natural elements such as water, dirt, rust, and moss growing around the area. Accordingly, these elements become a problem especially if they start penetrating not only the spaces between the bricks but the actual bricks’ surfaces as well. 

Two: Brick Color Fades Easily When Not Treated 

If you leave an untreated brick out in the open, it is most likely that it will lose its color in a few months especially if there is heavy traffic in the area. The busier the area is, the less time the brick pavement would able to retain its color. 

Three: DIY Projects on Brick Pavement Maintenance Do Not Usually Work Well 

Unlike cleaning up and restoring the color of other materials used in pavements, brick is not an easy material to maintain. While some may think that DIY projects are more practical and economical, they often end up weakening the brick pavements more than preserving them for a longer time. 

This is the reason why you need to consider hiring a professional pavement maintenance team or contractor to ensure the success of your maintenance project. 

To preserve the life and quality of your brick pavement, you may want to consider having your brick pavement undergo permanent color enhancement for brick pavers. This treatment does not only help clean up your worn-out pavement, but it also prolongs the life of the bricks, which means you can save more from having to get a maintenance crew to treat your pavement over and over within short periods. 

What is Permanent Color Enhancement For Brick Pavers?

Brick Paver color restoration is a service we provide at a small additional cost per square ft. We mix in a pigmented stain with our coats of brick paver sealer. The tint we use is directly from the manufacturers at Innovative Concrete Technologies. This tint does not wear off, thus, keeping your brick pavement looking like new permanently. 

Unlike a brick coating, color enhancement requires that the bricks be sealed for the semi-translucent additive that protects the color of the pavement to work effectively. In short, this is a permanent solution to the faded, worn-out, sun-bleached damaged brick pavers here in Florida!

We Offer Free Estimation 

As mentioned earlier, we offer our service on a per square ft. basis. We want to assure you that our transaction will only be based on your needs. We are very transparent about our process. When we give you an estimate for your brick pavement maintenance project, we make sure that you know everything that will be accomplished and that you will clearly understand where your money is going. 

While it may seem that permanent color enhancement for brick pavers requires a high investment, the services that we include in every job order make it worth your while to consider this option to save more in the future. 

Let’s Talk!

Not yet decided if you are going to have your pavement go through permanent brick recoloring treatment? 

Here are some reasons why you should say “yes”: 

One: Having Your Brick Treated for Permanent Recoloring Now Saves Thousands in the Future 

Even though it may feel like you are putting too much investment into your brick pavement now, the savings that you are going to keep for the coming years will certainly make this decision worthwhile. 

Two: Keeping Your Brick Pavement’s Color Vivid Increases the Value of Your Property 

If ever you decide to put your property out on the market for sale, a vivid brick pavement color will certainly increase the value with which you can make a sale. 

Three: A Professional Brick Pavement Maintenance Service Saves You From all the Stress 

We strongly advise you to do away with DIY brick pavement recoloring options. We are not merely doing this to make a profit; with the experience we have, we know that many homeowners were disappointed with the result of DIY brick recoloring procedures. When they finally decide to hire our services, we end up doing much more than what is expected of a maintenance service especially if the damage is too harsh causing the brick to become much weaker. 

Call us today and let us help you make the best decision based on your brick pavement concern. 


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