Brick Paver Maintenance Plans

By Kyle January 25, 2023

Brick Pavers, Travertine, Stone, Landscape, Shelloc & More

  1. *Prepaid Plan with a Discount on all your future services, not just Paver Sealing.
  2. Pay As you go, which will be a percentage based on the original amount.

Proper Maintenance

Well, it’s no secret that everything lasts longer and looks better with proper Maintenance. Whether washing your car to rid the grime, the Love Bugs scrubbed off your Vehicle, or the oil change for your car every 3,000 miles. How about everyone’s favorite is going to the Doctor or Dentist for the teeth cleaning you do every six months? Proper Maintenance is essential. The same goes for your brick pavers, travertine, shellock, etc.

 Like anything, regularly scheduled Maintenance helps prolong the life of almost everything.

Now that your Exterior surface has been sealed, One of the most critical aspects of our Service is providing all our clients with excellent Maintenance and protecting your investments indefinitely.

Routine Maintenance is critical for the longevity of your sealer and the pavers they protect.

In Florida, cleaning is a must, no matter the surface!

We have developed comprehensive yearly maintenance plans to provide an affordable and efficient way to provide our clients peace of mind, ensuring their hardscapes look amazing all year! Maintenance plans are a simple way to avoid constant, extensive out-of-pocket services to enhance and restore your pavers. Once it’s sealed, it just needs to be maintained.

A Maintenance Plan That Maintains The Beauty Of Your Hardscape

Enrolling in a maintenance plan for your residential or commercial hardscapes has advantages. Our maintenance plans are custom-tailored to your property and cover all aspects of cleaning, sealing, and maintaining your pavers. As a result, Prepaid enrolled customers can expect the following:

  • We can tailor your visits depending on your situation; we recommend once yearly.
  • Paver cleaning and sealing services
  • Weed and mildew treatments every visit
  • Discounts on other exterior cleanings
  • The flexibility to modify plans annually
  • Peace of mind knowing your hardscapes will always look the best they can.
  • Pricing structure based on current rates at a discount for the life of your Plan

Are you interested in a maintenance plan for your property? Then, contact our office today for a complimentary quote!

No coupons or extra discounts on maintenance plans.

Costs are based on PRFL doing the initial Full Service on the Orginal Full price before any applied discounts


6 Months after the initial Service is completed


Chemical soft-wash of pavers

Cost – 20% – of the initial price

 1st. year after the initial Service is completed


Chemical soft-wash of pavers

Cost – 35% – of the initial price

1 Coat of Sealer

2nd . year after the initial Service is completed


Chemical soft-wash of pavers

Minor Repairs*

Paver joints will be touched up with sand from normal wear/tear to our standard.

One Flood coat of sealer applied

Cost – 60% – of the initial price

All Plans The fee may increase  (See below)

Upgrade your Sealer or Sand

When you don’t keep up with Maintenance, Damages or changes occur.

When you have excessive WEEDS, BUGS, REPAIRS, STAINS, or issues prior or have your joints over-sanded beyond recommendations, you had damages, you may have to bump up your MAINTENANCE time frame, and additional costs may incur; we will not over-sand your joints beyond recommendations on the Maintenance.

Need immediate assistance? Does your area need more than Soft washing or has stains?

Softwashing hardscape @ a very minimal cost up to 6 Months after initial for our wonderful customers as part of your warranty.

If you need Emergency service, such as HOA, you forget to call, or you’re having a Gathering and want a freshen-up, let us know, and we can get you on track.

*All Repairs are an extra charge

Battery Acid, Transmission Fluid, Wine, and Tannin must be attended to immediately.

Transmission Fluid & acid-based products from your Vehicle also soak in fast.


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