Ure Seal H2o

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URESEAL H2O – Gloss is a 2-part water reducible, Crystal Clear Urethane. … Ure Seal H20 – Water Based – Enhancing – Joint Stabilizing – Premium Sealer.

Ure Seal H2o is a high-performance clear coating that can be used inside or out to protect and enhance Brick Pavers for years of a wet look finish while providing a high gloss with superior joint sand stabilization.  Innovative Concrete Technologies’ Ure-Seal H2O has excellent abrasion and chemical resistance with a high gloss or natural finish.  The mild odor makes it ideal for interior applications.  Ure-Seal H2O will not yellow and will form a very hard protective coating for high traffic surface areas as well as countertops, restaurants, decorative concrete, and brick pavers. Ure-Seal H2O can be used anywhere for that high durability and superior chemical resistance.

Benefits of Ure-Seal H2o

  • Joint sand hardens to a concrete-like barrier
  • Helps prevent weed & mildew growth from pavers
  • Will not allow for pavers to shift, sink or wobble
  • 5-7 year durability
  • Will not need to be stripped off before sealing in the future
  • Excellent abrasion & superior chemical resistance
  • High gloss/sheen with a very rich color enhancement
  • Will form an extremely hard protective Coating
  • Perfect Coating for high traffic areas
  • Can be applied after cleaning to damp pavers
  • Will not yellow or turn white!
  • Low ( VOC ) Volatile Organic Compounds & low odor!
  • Ure Seal is Industry leader in UV resistance
  • Ideal for both residential and commercial paver sealing applications
  • Locally Owned and Manufactured

Best Brick Paver Sealant 

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