Ure Seal H2O

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URESEAL H2O – Gloss ( Wet Look ) is 2-part water reducible, Crystal Clear Urethane. … Ure Seal H20 – Water Based – Enhancing – Joint Stabilizing – Premium Sealer. Included with every home.

Optional Ure Seal H20 – Natural is 2-part water reducible, Crystal Clear Urethane. … Ure Seal H20 – Water Based – Enhancing – Joint Stabilizing – Premium Sealer.

Optional – High Gloss is 2-part water reducible, Crystal Clear Ultimate Next Generation Urethane. …  – Water-Based – Enhancing – Joint Stabilizing – Premium Sealer.

Ure Seal H2o is a high-performance clear coating that can be used inside or out to protect and enhance Brick Pavers for years of a wet look finish while providing a higher gloss with superior joint sand stabilization. Innovative Concrete Technologies’ Ure-Seal H2O has excellent abrasion and chemical resistance with a gloss or natural finish option. The mild odor makes it ideal for interior applications. Ure-Seal H2O will not be yellow and will form a hard protective coating for high-traffic surface areas, countertops, restaurants, decorative concrete, and brick pavers. Ure-Seal H2O can be used anywhere for its high durability and superior chemical resistance.

Benefits of Ure-Seal H2O

  • Joint sand hardens to a concrete-like barrier
  • It helps prevent weed & mildew growth from pavers
  • Will not allow for pavers to shift, sink or wobble
  • 5-7 year durability
  • It Will not need to be stripped off before sealing in the future
  • Excellent abrasion & superior chemical resistance
  • Optional: High gloss/sheen with a very rich color enhancement
  • Optional: Natural Sheen, High Gloss in Lieu of Wet Look
  • It will form an extremely hard protective Coating
  • Perfect Coating for high-traffic areas
  • It can be applied after cleaning to damp pavers
  • Will not yellow or turn white!
  • Low ( VOC ) Volatile Organic Compounds & low odor!
  • Ure Seal is an Industry leader in UV resistance.
  • Ideal for both residential and commercial paver sealing applications
  • Locally Owned and Manufactured

Best Brick Paver Sealant 

Unless otherwise stated in the description, all pictures on our sites are sealed with a Ure-Seal Wet look.

Do your research, don’t hire someone without the proper knowledge, and don’t let your contractor use a cheap product as they can cause irreversible damage to your pavers:

Causing them to turn yellow.

Causing them to turn white.

Using the wrong sealer for your application.

Over Saturation, diluting the product beyond the manufactures recommendations.

Using the wrong chemicals or using them in the wrong manner causes permanent staining & irreversible damage.

Exposing the aggregate by using too much pressure or the wrong chemicals

Sealing in the dirt, mildew, and/or sand on your pavers.

The list goes on.

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