Shellock Paver Sealing

Shellock (also called Shell Lock and Shell loc) brick pavers are a beautiful and elegant alternative to the same old brick paver look. Shellock consists of actual shells gathered from mother earth. Each piece is made to precision with the highest quality of technological machinery available. You can expect a slight variation in shade color and shell which simply adds to the natural appearance of each piece. Shellock transforms any pool deck into a natural looking paradise, while reducing the surface temperature.

Here in Florida, we spend much of our time outdoors, entertaining and socializing around the pool. We spend time hosting barbecues and pool parties or just enjoying our families. That’s why it’s important that your pool deck and patio areas reflect your own unique sense of style while having the ability to hold up against high foot traffic, water, and the extreme Florida temperatures. Brick pavers are a perfect choice for your outdoor living areas and Shell Lock pavers are a unique, beautiful and elegant option when you are looking to remodel your pool deck. Shell lock pavers are made with real seashells harvested from coastal areas. This combined with beautiful earth tone colors of the paver, create a backyard paradise comparable to that of the seashore, decreasing the surface temperatures.

Sealing Shellock pavers is integral to the durability and maintaining the beauty of the shellock. Using a penetrating shellock paver sealer, like Ure-Seal, will increase the tensile strength of the shellock pavers by up to 30%, while also filling all the capillaries and pores throughout the concrete that “locks” the seashells together (hence the name shellock)! Once those capillaries and pores are filled, oils, liquids, and rust will not be able to absorb into the shellock tiles, rather bead up and can be easily rinsed off with a garden hose! So don’t worry about the tipped over wine glass on your shellock pool deck when it’s sealed, as the staining liquid won’t be able to absorb into the porous shellock paver tiles! However, if left unsealed, shellock will be Extremely vulnerable to absorbing stains, as there is nothing protecting those pores, allowing for them to soak any liquids, oils, oxidation, rust from metals, or that spilled glass of chardonnay!

In addition to protecting the actual substrate, having your shellock sealed will stabilize the joint sand found between the tiles. If left unsealed, the joint sand that was washed or swept between the joints, that keeps them from wiggling or moving, the sand will wash out from rain water, pool water or roof run-off, and inevitably, your shellock pool deck or shellock driveway will have so much sand loss, the shellock tiles will begin to shift, wiggle, wobble or in most cases, the sand base the shellock lies on, will begin to wash out from below (referred to as degradation or “Subsurface Erosion”) and make the shell lock tiles sink or rise in some areas, creating an un-level and unsafe surface.

In addition to the maintenance benefits of having your shellock paver tiles sealed, you can also get a nice aesthetic look if you go with the wet look, semigloss or natural . Often times, however, customers have a common misconception that if the brick pavers, travertine or shellock pavers being sealed are shiny, they will be slippery once wet. In some cases, this can be true. However, we will apply a non-slip polymer additive on our 3rd coat of paver sealant to ensure that a lightly textured surface is left behind which will increase the coefficient of friction of the surface.

Natural finish, no-gloss and wet look options are also available. (Consult our Travertine page to learn more about the coefficient of friction, and what that means for your surface becoming non-slip when we complete your residential or commercial brick paver sealing project).

Consider us for your go-to paver sealing contractor when you have a new or existing Shellock installation on your home’s pool deck or driveway in Central Florida and all surrounding areas. We service most of the state of Florida for most commercial projects.

90% of our estimates are able to be given, based off a satellite imagery program we subscribe to, that’s updated every 4 months, which allows us to take Near Exact square footage measurements of your driveways or pool decks and patios.  This makes our overhead expenses lower as we are able to give quotes with this program – which would take a Team giving you a 2 hour time block like most companies schedule for their estimates and will either show up late or not at all, having to reschedule – leaving homeowners frustrated… We hear it every day!…

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