Trident Cat 5

*Trident CAT-5 sealer provides a rich, enhanced color and “ultra wet look” everyone wants, along with superior stabilization of the sand joints. *Trident Cat 5 is an Optional Sealer for an Additional Cost*

Ultimate New Generation 2-Part Urethane Gloss Wet Look Sealer.

Trident Hurricane CAT 5 is the ultimate 2-part sealer with a new generation urethane that provides ultra-durable surface protection.

Its Armor Bond joint stabilization hardens joint sand to help prevent sand washout. In addition, it gives the most profound color enhancement with the highest gloss finish using T3 True Tone Technology.

It has an added antifungal that protects the sealer film from mold, moss, and algae. Hurricane CAT 5 is a water-based film-forming sealer.

Hurricane CAT-5 is one of the most versatile and highest gloss sealers we have ever used. Its two-component pure urethane formula is exceptionally durable, chemical resistant, and deeply penetrating, making it superior to almost all other exterior sealers; this comes at a higher cost.

Although CAT-5 was designed initially for intensely enhancing and protecting pavers, it works equally on all types of concrete and many other surfaces. Exposed Aggregate, Brick, and Broom Swept Concrete, to name a few.

Hurricane CAT-5 comes in at a higher-solids solution than most products on the market today.


  • Ideal for high-traffic areas where ultimate durability and superior chemical resistance are desired.
  •  High-performance sealer


  • Ultra-High Performance
  • Enhanced “Ultra Wet Look”
  • 2k Water-Based Pure Urethane

*Cat 5 is an Optional Sealer for an Additional Cost*

Let us know within 72 hours if you would like this Special Ordered product, and we can quote you using Hurricane Cat 5 instead of UreSeal.

All homes are always quoted using UreSeal H20 unless notated on your contract.

 Unless otherwise stated in your written estimate.

 We use Ure-Seal, a fantastic product that we have used for years and will continue to use on 99% of our serviced properties; this product has impressive color enhancement and a nice sheen.

Ure-Seal Gloss, Matte, Next Gen