Why you absolutely 100% MUST seal your brick pavers and travertine.

By Kyle February 6, 2017

Why you absolutely 100% MUST seal brick pavers and travertine.

Many homeowners who have a brick paver driveway or brick paver pool deck installation don’t realize the need to have them cleaned and sealed. In this post, you will find all the top reasons why you need to seal brick pavers.

After a new paver installation, or after pressure washing an older paver area and re-sanding, a brick paver sealer should be applied to waterproof the surface. Applying a brick paver sealer will solidify the sand joints and help to lock the bricks in place. A brick paver sealant will also assist in reducing weeds that trying to grow up between the bricks. Because the water beads up and will not be able to penetrate, mold and mildew are less likely to occur.
Here in Florida, your brick paver surfaces are exposed to the harsh UV rays produced by our Florida sun. Especially here in the Central Florida area, like Hernando, Pasco, Citrus, Sumter, Marion, Lake Counties, and all surrounding areas, in which we service. This harsh Florida sun will begin to fade your brick paver surfaces beyond rescue.

Multiple finish options are available.

We have a Natural Finish – which will enhance the color, although will not add any type of shine or sheen to your paver surfaces.

We have the Wet Look finish which will greatly enhance the color the pavers have and provide a subtle sheen, not a very high gloss paver seal.

And finally,

We have the Ultra Wet look, which will enhance the brick pavers’ color just like the wet look but also add a HIGHER gloss shine to the pavers.
97% of our customers prefer the Wet Look Finish – which enhances the color of the pavers and adds a nice rich sheen, 2% of our customers go with the natural finish and 1% want the super high gloss “shine” finish.

Sealing pavers will lock the joint sand in place and seal it so it doesn’t wash out of the joints when rainwater falls on your pavers or pool water splashes into the brick paver’s joints.

Once the brick paver joint sand is sealed and hardens to the consistency comparable to the surrounding surface, the pavers cannot just simply shift, sink or become loose wobbly, uneven, and unsafe. This protects your home’s brick paver surfaces from having to have a very costly repair of re-leveling brick pavers. A very tedious and labor-intensive process – and believe me, companies charge accordingly for the task.

Once the paver joint sand is hardened, weeds are now faced with a nearly impenetrable solid barrier where they just simply cannot breakthrough. Since water is unable to soak the base aggregate material that the pavers float on,  there is no longer an environment for mold & mildew to begin to fester and grow – keeping your brick paver surfaces weed & mold-free for longer!

Now that your pavers are sealed, they have a protective coating that has penetrated deeply into the capillaries and pores of the brick pavers, protecting them from any staining or motor oils or vehicle fluids, irrigation rust from your sprinklers that are fed through well water, gum adhesion and protection from any contaminants that may find their way to your paver surfaces around your driveways or pool decks like ketchup, mustard, spilled sodas or wine glasses, sunblock and suntan oils and lotions.

Overall, there are numerous benefits of Sealing your pavers; Sealed bricks are more resistant to oil and dirt penetration; inhibit the growth of weeds, moss, and mold; resist UV rays, and help to prevent insect intrusion. In the end, brick paving sealing rejuvenates, strengthens, protects, and enhances the beauty of brick pavers.
There are many companies that will offer paver sealing services here in the Central Florida Area- However we do SO MUCH MORE than our competitors aside from bringing our level of expertise to every job, we do much more. Check out our videos on Facebook and see for yourself. This shows the need of having your pavers sealed – and how we do it differently.

A properly installed paver driveway with regularly scheduled maintenance can last up to 30 or even 40 years! That variation in age can be determined by the stability of the sub-grade, the quality of the installation, the type and frequency of maintenance, as well as the climate you live in.

Brick Paver patios create a wonderful area of the home for relaxation and entertainment. Unlike wooden decks, they are considered to be maintenance-free. But are they really? The simple answer is No. Although brick patios don’t require the cleaning and staining that a wood deck often requires, patios that are left uncared for can easily turn into an unattractive area. They can become uneven, faded out, unattractive, and consumed by weeds. In the end, sealing your Brick Pavers will protect your investment for years to come.

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