What to Ask a Paver Restoration Company before you hire them

By Kyle November 11, 2022

When planning any project on your home that requires a professional, it can be tricky to ensure you get what you expect.

From hidden costs to uninsured contractors, plenty can go wrong when hiring a paver restoration company.

That is if you don’t know what to ask them beforehand.

Today we’ll cover the questions you need to ask a paver restoration company before you hire them.

Are you insured and Licensed to work in this area?

First things first, make sure that they have the correct insurance and paperwork.

Public liability insurance is a must for any reputable business. No matter how diligent and responsible a contractor is, sometimes things go wrong. You need to be safe, knowing that your contractor is insured to compensate you adequately if anything goes wrong and your property is damaged.

Next, are they operating under the proper licenses in your area?

Florida doesn’t require a license for most paving restoration work, but these rules vary city by city, so be sure to ask.

How Long Have You Been In Business?

Length of service doesn’t always equate to quality of service. However, knowing how long a business has been around will give you an idea of how experienced they are.

You’ll still want to vet your contractor, even if they’ve been paving since it was invented, so don’t forget about the other questions in this guide.

Can you show me any of your previous work? 

What’s the best way to determine whether a contractor’s work will look good at your home? 

Look at the work they’ve done before, of course.

Most reputable pavers will have a website or social media profiles that display at least some of their previous work. If they don’t, you should always ask for evidence of their work.

Paver restoration and installation go beyond aesthetics. You should be confident that the whole process will be smooth and easy; that’s why you’re hiring a professional, right?

That’s why we always recommend heading over to Google, Trustpilot, and their social media pages to check out any reviews left by previous customers.

How many reviews do they have? Are they primarily positive or mostly negative? Are there any topics that multiple reviewers bring up?

These are the questions you should ask when you check out any company’s reviews so that you can learn from other customers’ experiences.

What’s the estimated price?

In our opinion, all paver restoration companies should offer a free quote service. You should be able to get expert advice on what you need, how much it will cost, and how that’s broken down.

Not only should they give you a quote, but they ought to put it into writing. This gives you some protection if anything goes wrong further down the line.

What’s the estimated timeframe?

Like getting a price quote, having your contractor give you an estimated timeframe is vital.

It would help if you asked what the wait time is until the project can begin, how long your specific project should take, and any complications that might drag the project out.

Who will be doing the work?

This might seem like a strange question, but in some cases will be a lifesaver.

You might think you’re dealing with one company, only to discover that they outsource your project to a different company or a freelancer.

This doesn’t necessarily mean that the project won’t come out the way you want it to, but it does mean that you don’t know who you’re dealing with, can’t truly vet them, and are paying more than you need to.

What’s included in the quoted price?

If you’ve never been stung by hidden costs, you probably know someone who has and how bad it can get.

It’s important to prevent this as early on as you can. Ask for a quote breakdown and an explanation of what’s covered in the price you’re paying.

It’s just as important to know what’s NOT covered as it is to know what is.

So, ask them if this price doesn’t cover any services they recommend. You don’t necessarily have to take any extra services, but at least you’ll know exactly what you’re buying into.

With these questions, it’s about understanding as much of the process as possible, so there are no surprises.

A reputable and trustworthy paving company should be honest, open, and patient with you when answering these questions.


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