Paver Sealing for Weed Protection

By Kyle August 19, 2022

Weeds growing on pavements is a common problem in Florida. Among the peskiest issues that compromise the quality and lifespan of pavements include weeds that grow right in between the spaces of each brick or shellock tile. Even concrete pavements are not safe from growing weeds. This is the reason why weed protection strategies need to be applied to make sure your pavement does not wear out easily. 

Sealing your pavers with a joint stabilizing sealer will help combat the weeds as the seeds can’t easily penetrate through the hardened sealed sand making it difficult to grow and end up blowing away to the next unsuspecting unsealed surface

 How did I get weeds in my yard?

Weeds in pavers almost always come from seeds being blown in and deposited into the sand joint from neighboring weeds. If you or your neighbors have a lot of weeds in the yard or landscape beds then it is almost a guarantee that you will have weeds in your pavers.

Why Hire a Professional to Get and Keep Weeds Out of Your Pavements? 

 Surely, you can opt to do weed control on your pavements on your own. Nonetheless, this takes time and it does create several problems when it comes to measuring the time consumed just getting the weeds out. The real problem with this process is that instead of getting everything out, what is often removed through DIY weed management is only the top of the weeds. The roots remain at the base, which means the weeds can grow back shortly. When this happens, more effort and resources, as well as time, would be wasted on a repetitive project that could be accomplished completely with the help of a professional pavement maintenance crew. 

Our Process of Pavement Weed Management 

To make sure you can manage weed growth on your pavement, we offer professional assistance from the ground up. This means that we do not only get the weeds from the foreground. We make sure they do not grow back again. Besides getting them off the ground, we also apply certain chemical treatments that will reduce the capacity of the soil in your pavement to grow any plant at all. There is no need to worry as these chemicals have already been tested for being environmentally safe and friendly. They are also not going to affect the quality of your pavement no matter what material is used to make them. 

Part of the process that needs to be done to ensure that the weeds do not grow back anymore includes pavement sealing and pavement recoloring. These services are considered part of our premium services. They are usually not added to the price of the main treatment applied for weed removal and management. We can provide you with a series of choices from different premium sand colors that are designed to renew the aesthetic value of your pavement. We often use ultra-enhancement gloss which enhances the surface with a gloss finish. This creates an ultra-wet look for your pavement. 

Why choose Paver Restoration of Florida?

Brick paver restoration is a major part of our business. The restoration of brick pavers covers a broad span of services, stripping off failed paver sealant, calcium removal, oil stain removal, rust/irrigation, rust/fertilizer rust removal, efflorescence removal, and color restoration.

 Our Paver Sealing Process

We have not only the level of attention to detail our crews bring out to every job, but also the additional benefits we offer that other companies cannot, for the same price or often less than the competition.

  • Thorough power washing
  • Specially blended, paver-specific sand
  • Non-slip polymer on the last coat
  • 3-year warranty with years beyond durability

 Through reviews and feedback, we can say that our approach is one of the most effective strategies used in pavement management. We use our years of experience to make sure that we provide every client with the satisfaction that they deserve.

We understand the importance of paying attention to the value of your money. This is why we ensure you that you will not regret investing in our service as we provide an outcome that lasts for a long time and support that you can always count on at any time. 

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Let us help you keep your home and surface clean & protected. We can go over your concerns and give you an estimation of cost and time depending on the project that you want to pursue relating to the management and maintenance of your pavement. 

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