The #1 question is how much will it cost to seal my pavers?

By Kyle February 6, 2017


While Paver Restoration of Fl and most companies alike have always avoided answering this in writing in the past because sealer, material cost, operational cost change, and quite frankly there are so many other variables that it is hard to give an idea of price, and these are not etched in stone, below is a very rough idea of how much will it cost?


Types of Brick – The main 2 types of brick pavers are clay and concrete, the cost between the 2 can be different as in how they each take in the sealer and different cleaning methods. Within each category there are also many differences, are they cast, tumbled, flat, or textured.

The width of Joints – Some brick pavers have very narrow joints which save on the special blended and cleaned sand that we use but can also make hydro compacting the sand into the joints a little more difficult and time-consuming. Pavers with wide joints will use more special blended and cleaned sand and will require a little more finesse to make sure the sand is at the proper level as we follow the icpi standards. When sealing your paver surfaces with wide joints the amount of sealer will increase in order to saturate and harden the joints during our process.

The porosity of the Pavers – Some pavers are more/less porous than others and this will increase or decrease how much sealer will be used.  Some older or more weathered pavers will also have a more porous surface that will require more sealer while newer pavers will not require as much.

Location of Pavers – How far from the street or access point where the truck and trailer will be parked, what access to water is there? Do we have to bring water on-site; do we need to use our portable commercial equipment?  This will all add to the square foot cost.

What look is desired – The difference between wet look, natural luster, and high gloss, can vary the cost as well.

What is the total sq ft of the project – The higher the square footage of the paver surface the less it will cost per sq ft… A 2000 sq ft driveway may cost less per square foot than a 400 sq foot patio.

Taking all these variables into consideration and giving you a cost, for a thorough cleaning, hydro compacting the sand into the joints and applying up to 3 liberal coats of our wet look sealer, without watering it down with our 3 coat process. We offer a 2 or 3 coat process depending on your budget and look desired.

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The #1 question is how much will it cost to seal my pavers?


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