Soft Washing Residential and Commercial

Soft washing is a cleaning method using low pressure combined with high volume and specialized solutions to safely and effectively remove mildew, bacteria, algae, and other organic stains from roofs and other building exteriors.

It is so named to differentiate the method from power washing.

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The Asphalt Roofing Manufacturers Association recommends low-pressure detergent assisted washing as the preferred method for cleaning asphalt roofs in order to prevent damage to the shingles.

Soft washing is using low-pressure high volume to apply a disinfecting cleaning solution to kill off the mildew, bacteria, algae, fungus, moss, clean the dirt, contaminants, and more on the exterior of your home and building surfaces.

Soft washing Equipment is distinctly different than power and pressure washing equipment. We safely apply the cleaning solution at a safe pressure. The equipment used for soft washing is much different than your standard pressure washers, so that the cleaning solution can easily reach roof eaves, upper story buildings, and other such areas, without this added pressure but with the volume needed for each specific application.

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