Does paver sealing prevent weeds, moss, mold and algae etc. From ever coming back?

By Kyle January 1, 2017


We’ve been asked this question often.

Does paver sealing prevent weeds, moss, and algae?  That is a great question!  We would like to be clear about our services and ensure you that we wish to provide you with the best information possible regarding your pavers.

The sealant includes an additive that soaks into the sand between the pavers turning the sand hard; similar to a mortar.  This creates an environment that makes it extremely difficult for weeds to germinate and grow.

We clean and seal your home using the best methods and best products available today.

Sealing alone won’t stop all of this from happening, anyone who tells you this is being untruthful, we’ve lost jobs to other businesses who promote this information and are being deceitful to the customer, there is no magical product you can spray down before, during or after to prevent this from ever happening ever again.

Our goal is to minimally prevent 99% of future growth.  However, there can always be certain circumstances that can alter the efficiency of the sealed pavers.  There are also a few things that can be done after your pavers are sealed to allow for maximum weed and vegetation prevention in the future.  We feel that it is important for you to understand that our process and service is not a remedy for improper cared for or poorly installed pavers (uneven, sunk, misaligned, poor drainage etc.).

The number one reason weeds, moss, and algae grow between the pavers is due to inadequate or faulty paver drainage mechanisms and/or little to no sun exposure.  The inadequate drainage can be caused by low or sunken areas, pavers that were improperly sloped during installation, patios that have stone walls around the perimeter (preventing water from draining appropriately), or even mounded landscape beds that also prevent effective water drainage. Proper maintenance is vital, Construction nearby can also leads to future issues.

When pavers are not draining properly, these areas remain damp (especially in shaded/covered areas).  Airborne organic materials begin to stick to the damp surfaces including pavers and sand joints.  Over time, this promotes the growth of moss, mildew and algae.

  Airborne seeds from weeds and grass also begin to adhere to the damp areas.  The airborne organic materials and seeds, within these damp areas, create the perfect conditions for germination.  The roots then begin to grow in the shallow layer of organic material.  The best fix for damp pavers is proper drainage. Although even the morning dew can have an adverse effect as well.

If your pavers are prone to or have any issues such as ants, weeds and grass, it is best to treat those before having your pavers cleaned and sealed, treating these issues will help keep everything looking good, proper maintenance is vital

How can I minimize the risk of future weeds, moss, and algae growth within my paver joints?  Utilizing the following steps, you can have long term success with your sealed pavers.

  • Keep the pavers clean of debris and airborne materials.  Use a leaf blower to clean off the pavers each time the lawn is mowed.  This is an easy yet crucial step to paver cleanliness.
  • Every couple of weeks, thoroughly rinse the pavers using a garden hose and nozzle on the fan setting.  Chase the dirt and debris off the pavers into the lawn or landscaped beds.  This is very important to do after a heavy rain as well.  We do not recommend utilizing a pressure washer as it can damage the sand joints.
  • Unfortunately when the pavers are poorly drained, damp, shaded or prone to weeds, moss, and algae growth, we recommend keeping up with the maintenance to keep them looking good and protecting them. 
  • When you have poor or limited drainage finding a way to get the water to drain without sitting will prolong the life of your pavers and the look you have come to like.
  • We appreciate your business, and as always, we look forward to serving you in the future.  Utilizing the above steps will increase the effectiveness of your sealed pavers and ensure long term success. 
  • We are more than willing to assist with these precautionary steps.

We offer Maintenance programs to keep your paver’s looking great year-round.

We will thoroughly clean, fill in any sand that may have been lost -even due to due to erosion – Apply a coat of sealer to the entire area

The Cost for this service varies per home, & should be completed as needed, if at all.

Don’t believe any company who says they have that Magical Potion,that will last forever it doesn’t exist. Don’t let the salesman sell you on this Magical Cure for weeds, bugs mildew, algea or a magical fountain.

Change the oil in your car and it Will prolong the life of your engine.
Wash and wax your vehicle and will keep it looking great for years to come.

Mainataing your Pool, if you were to turn your filtration system off and stop using chemicals your water would eventually turn green

Hardscapes are no exception; proper maintenance is vital throughout the life of the area. 

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