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Travertine Sealing pool deck

Hiring a Paver Sealing Service in Florida

 Paver Sealing service We clean, restore and seal a multitude of properties. Brick Paver Sealing, Concrete Sealing, Travertine Sealing, Soft Washing  & Coatings We drive, park, cook, play, and relax on these, and so often taken for granted are these areas of our homes and businesses. However, the owners generally… Read More

What to consider before/after your scheduled project?

VERY IMPORTANT INFORMATION PLEASE READ THOROUGHLY What to consider before your scheduled project? Schedule Landscapers, Pool, and Lawn Maintenance at least 48 hours after to allow sufficient curing time after we have completed your home. What to consider before your scheduled project?… Read More

Why Should I sand my Paver joints?

Should you re-sand your Brick Paver Joints? YES The Importance of Brick Paver Sand & Properly Maintaining your Hardscapes Brick pavers absolutely, 100% should be re-sanded before sealing. The sand in the brick paver joints serves MANY essential purposes. It helps keep joints stable, paver’s level, insects out, and… Read More

Should I have our pavers sealed right after installation?

Should I have our pavers sealed right after installation? The clear answer is NO!! When should I seal my pavers? Most manufacturers suggest you wait 30 days after the manufacture date before sealing. This is because 30 days usually allows efflorescence to exhaust itself through the hydration and drying process. Read More